My PKB will no longer updated publicly

My personal knowledgebase will no longer updated publicly. That is, the website that I used to share my notes will become stale. In fact, it already has been for more than a year. This is for two reasons:

  1. The main purpose of the original website was to provide me a way of visualizing my notes outside of vim. It being public was a bonus. I now use Obsidian, which exceeds my desiderata for note visualization.
  2. I have found the current “digital-garden” ecosystem a bit too limited in achieving the balance between ease-of-use, flexibility and portability. These are requirements for whatever stack I would need for publishing my KB:
    • ease of use: I don’t want to waste time tinkering on the visualization of my knowledge base. My Zettelkasten is for learning, not for tinkering.
    • portability and flexibility: this is just an echo of some of the key tenets of Zettelkasten. My notes need to last forever, so I can’t rely on the structures of some arbitrary repository. The repository needs to be flexible enough (e.g. have support for relative links (rarer than you’d think!)) to accept a folder of my notes.

I continue to take notes, they just are no longer publicly available. Perhaps one day I will find a solution when the ecosystem matures a little bit.

This was a quick blogpost with little proofreading. Just wanted to give an update.

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