Hi, I’m Giulio Starace – welcome to my personal website.

I’m a recent Physics and Computer Science graduate from Durham University in the North-East of England. Originally from Rome, Italy, I’ve lived in a variety of different places growing up thanks to my parents’ jobs, which has granted me the privilege of experiencing a wide breadth of cultures from a very young age.

Greatly interested in technology, I’ve created this website to centrally document my adventure into the professional world, providing me with a space to share my thoughts, projects and achievements. I use the word adventure because I’m not really sure where I’m going and that’s okay.

My background is mainly that of a Physics undergraduate, but I know I don’t want to further pursue the subject academically. Instead, I’m making use of a year of internships, side-projects and general reflection to solidify my software development skills and more importantly clear my mind about really what I want to do with my life, particularly which aspect of Computer Science to dedicate myself to for an upcoming Masters course.

Apart from these more “serious” matters, I’m also quite in love with music. While perhaps more of a listener, I’m also a decent singer and have been self-teaching myself guitar since the age of 16 (very slowly). My main sport is football, having played it ever since I was 5, but I definitely won’t turn down a hike, some snowboarding or (if my forearms manage) some rock-climbing. If i’m struggling to find people to exercise with, I’ll force myself to go for a run from time to time. I’ve also developed a passion for cooking ever since I’ve moved away from the cocoon. I used to be quite into photography and filmography having participated in youth competitions during school but now with the advent of smartphone cameras the hobby has somewhat dwindled. That being said I do like to take my mobile photography relatively seriously.

I think that should probably be enough for an About Me page. More info will probably seep in through blog posts so I will leave it there. Thank you and enjoy!

About this site

I made this site using a static site generator, namely Hugo, based on Golang by Google. I chose to use a static site generator because it in my view provides the right level of compromise between building from scratch (I’m not the best at making things look aesthetic through CSS/HTML) and CMS (seemed like overkill and I’ve had bad experiences using WordPress). I chose Hugo mostly through word of mouth and was particularly drawn by its speed, simplicity and markdown integrations. I also thought it would expose me to Golang forcing me to learn some of it but so far it has been basically absent. The theme is Coder by Luiz F. A. de Prá